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my name is ser. you may also call me the curator. i am responsible for upkeeping this small site.

i haven't finished my construction on this site, so watch your step. this place is filled with broken links and messy coding.

i also have plans to redecorate. i need to replace the backgrounds and such with my own art - for now, you may find the creators of each piece in the credits room.

i plan to use this place to archive my art, my hobbies, and my favorite parts of the web.

oh, me? i am simply a hobbyist dabbling in many things. currently, i enjoy creating zines, coding, as well as drawing and writing.

regardless, feel free to look around. make yourself at home here. i could use the company.

A massive rework of the site is in the works. Expect limited updates until it is complete.

To-Do List

> Chatbox

> MP3 Player

> Header

> Finish Footer


> Finish Links

Other Pages

> Custom 404 Page

> Credits Page

> File Storage Page

> Link Directory

> Buttons Page

Quality Of Life Updates

> Add a Searchbar

> Organize Code

> Mobile-Friendly

> Accessibility Friendly

Update Log

This update log is periodically condensed. For a complete list of updates, view my blog here.

NOV 19, 2022

> Finished rolling out last night's updates.

> Finished storing all graphics locally. Most noticable on the fav users page.

> Condensed update list. Full version can be viewed here.

> Posted a daily blog entry.

> Posted this week's blog entry.

> Corrected a mistake in which updates were listed as occuring in October instead of November.

NOV 14, 2022

> Finalized theme colors.

> Started a blog.

NOV 10, 2022

> Added an update log.

> Added a to-do list.